TV Drama Award 2018

For outstanding work by a camera operator in a TV Drama production

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Joe Russell ACO lining up to do a steadicam shot on the BBC’s “Killing Eve.”

The Operators’ Award

This prestigious award is given once a year for outstanding work in a television drama production.

The award acknowledges the craft, technical and artistic ability that a dedicated Camera Operator must have to meet or surpass the aesthetic and technical demands of the Director and Director of Photography.

Please see criteria for entry to the side of this page.

Submissions for consideration will be open until 26th December 2018.

Voting: qualifying members from the three societies will be asked to screen the submissions until 18th January 2019, in order to nominate up to 2 productions.


All qualifying members from the three societies are invited to submit titles with links to Vimeo, for consideration. Submissions will be open until 23rd of December 2018.

Members are then asked to screen the submissions, before voting for up to two productions. Voting will be open from 1st to 18th January.

The five most popular productions will go to the final stage, in which a jury will decide on a winner from the nominated titles during the last week of January.

The BSC President will announce the winner at the BSC Awards Night, 15th February 2019.

Submission criteria

  1. Open to all television dramas that have had their first transmission on British Television, terrestrial, cable or satellite, Netflix or other Internet channels during the qualifying period of 1st September 2017 to 31st December 2018. Please note, the drama can have been broadcast earlier overseas but to qualify it must have beenfirst transmitted on British TV or have its first transmission on Netflix or other Internet channels in the UK during the qualifying period.
  2. To qualify it must be a single drama, or a longer drama production/mini-series with a single theme and storyline or an episode of a regular drama series.
  3. The applicant must carry ’A’ Camera Operator credit for their entry OR where an ‘A Camera Operator’ feels a joint application with other operators is appropriate, their names can be listed on the application too.
  4. In the rare event that the applicant can give a substantial reason for multiple camera operators to be considered for the same production, the Awards Administration Team will take a view and if it deems there to be a case for consideration, a vote will be called of the Operators Award Committee.
  5. In the case that more than one name is submitted, the name of the applicant must be the lead “A” Camera Operator.
  6. There will only be one winner. (Unless extraordinary circumstances exist. I.e. multiple entries for same production).
  7. A’ Camera Operators worldwide, are eligible to enter provided the above criteria is met.
  8. The applicants may summit only one production per year for entry.



  1. Applicants must initially submit a ten-minute selection from the submitted drama by upload to Vimeo at – you will need to create an account but it is free to do so (see important information below).
  2. The ten-minute selection can be a continuous excerpt from the entered drama, or a series of excerpts from the same chosen work, each no shorter than 30 seconds in duration. Complete scenes do not need to be shown, but excerpts must not be edited to alter the original sequence of shots or scene order.
  3. The excerpt(s) must carry the original sound track only. The uploaded entry must carry a front title card of 5 seconds duration with the name of the production, episode number, if relevant, and full name of the ’A’ Camera Operator. This is not counted in the 10- minute limit. It is worth giving the same information to the name of the uploaded file if possible.
  4. The video should be uploaded to Vimeo as an H264 Quicktime file, 25 fps constant frame rate, 720p HD (1280 x 720 px) at a bit rate of 5000 and no more than 10,000kbit/s. Audio should be AAC at 320 kbit/s. See compression for more info.