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2019 TV Drama Award Winners

We are delighted to announce the winners for 2019

Joe Russell receives TV Drama award from Balazs Bolygo

Winner 2019

Joe Russell

Killing Eve 2

The Short List

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Our sponsors Panavision (Hugh Whittaker) and Ronford Baker (Jeff Lawrence).

The Administration Team (Helen Mclean BSC, Dee Edwards GBCT, Rodrigo Gutierrez ACO, and Listings David Worley ACO).

The Website Team (Abi Smith, Kathy Maxwell).

The Judging Panel (Mike Southon BSC, Balasz Bolygo BSC, Witold Stok BSC, Kathy Swain GBCT, Jamie Harcourt GBCT,  Tony Jackson GBCT, Trevor Coop ACO, Chris Plevin ACO)

And all the members from the 3 organisations that supported this years Awards.